Mondays:                                                                                                               $9.50
Chow Mien with chicken and veggies.  Served with pan fried noodles.
Tuesdays:                                                                                                               $9.50
Thai Red Curry with Chicken.
Served with rice and fresh seasonal steamed vegetables.
Wednesdays:                                                                                                         $9.50
Chef “Rut’s” fabulous beef Pot Roast served w/ homemade mash potatoes and
Thursdays:                                                                                                             $9.50
Thai green curry chicken w/ fresh veggies served over jasmine rice.
Fridays:                                                                                                                   $9.50
Panang chicken w/ fresh veggies served over jasmine rice

Veggies change daily, based on the freshest items available.   
Feel free to call us! Local sales tax not included in price listed.
Take home dinner tonight, pick up your order at 3:00 p.m. daily !
Try our daily features as a low carb option or as a salad!

Teriyaki Chicken Breast                                                                   $9.50
Chicken breast seared with signature
Teriyaki Sauce,
Served with rice and steamed vegetables.                              
Harbor  Salad                                                                                     $7.50
Fresh organic mixed greens w/tomatoes,
Chinese Chicken Maifun Salad                                                      $9.50
Tender chicken breast served over fresh mixed green
salad.  Puffed rice noodles, toasted almonds, sesame seeds,
cilantro and scallions.  Sesame soy vinaigrette.
Crispy Fish Salad                                                                              $9.50
Crispy fish fillet served over fresh mixed
greens  topped w/ Thai basil dressing.
Thai Basil Shrimp Salad                                                                  $10.95
Specialty dish created to entice your senses,
served over mixed  greens with a Thai basil dressing.
Seared Salmon Salad                                                                        $10.95
Salmon seared w/ roasted garlic & chili sauce served
over mixed  greens.  A must try!
Thai Basil Shrimp                                                                              $10.95
Thai basil sweet garlic sauce w/ fresh shrimp,
served over jasmine rice  w/ fresh veggies.
Pan Seared Salmon                                                                           $10.95
Most famous dish, seared with roasted garlic/ chili
sauce served over jasmine rice and fresh veggies.
Crispy White Fish                                                                             $9.50
Fresh crispy white fish served over jasmine rice,
fresh veggies, roasted garlic and basil sauce to top
your lunch
Swimming Angel                                                                               $9.50
Traditional dish, served over jasmine rice, fresh
spinach , chicken breast , topped with  peanut sauce.
Chicken Curry                                                                                    $9.50
Savory curry w/ pulled chicken breast fresh carrots
and potatoes over jasmine rice. A crowd pleaser!
Thai Curry Noodle                                                                            $9.50
Fresh noodles served with a Thai curry sauce, chicken, veggies,
bean sprouts, cilantro and scallions.  Topped with 1/2 boiled egg
and crispy noodles.

Chinese Chicken Salad                                                                      $9.50
Fresh salad greens, maifun noodles, tender chicken breast,
toasted almonds, sesame seeds, cilantro and scallions.
Sesame soy vinaigrette.    (New Item)

Assorted Chips                                                               $1.75
Assorted Candy Bars                                                    $ 1.25

Add a side with purchase of any entrée only:
Extra rice                                                                     $1.50
Extra steamed veggies                                                $2.95    
Rice  ( one order)                                           $3.25

All items plus tax
Enjoy breakfast in your office or in our quaint seating area.    
 8:30 am —10:30 am only
Croissant, Bagel or English Muffin
w/ Ham, Egg and Cheese                                          $5.50
w/  Egg and Cheese                                                    $4.50
w/  Egg                                                                        $4.25
2 egg omelet w/ ham and cheese                               $5.95
add English  muffin                                                   $6.95
Bagel / Croissant / Muffin                                         $2.75 /2.75 /1.95
Café Beverage                                                           Tall
Tea                                                                               $2.50           
Juice                                                                             $2.95
Water                                                                           $1.25
Soft Drinks                                                                  $1.50
Bottle Beverages                                                          $2.50
All items plus tax
Featuring Northwest
Thai and Seafood Cuisine
Thai Curry Noodle
Fresh noodles served with a Thai yellow
curry sauce, chicken, vegetables,
bean sprouts, cilantro & scallions.
Topped with 1/2 boiled egg and
crispy noodles.
$9.50 plus tax
Serving Monday—Friday
8:30 am-3:00 pm
1411 4th Ave (lobby)
Seattle, Wa. 98101
206 340 9908
Chef Rut.Com
Noodle Bowl

Home made chicken broth
with rice noodles, chicken breast
vegetables, bean sprouts, basil,
cilantro, green onions and shallots.

$9.50 plus tax

Fresh noodles in a
rich yellow curry sauce,
with chicken breast,
fresh  veggies, bean sprouts,
cilantro ,green onions, and
shallots, topped with egg
and crispy noodles.
$9.50  plus tax